Saturday, 30 November 2013

Deliberate Creation and Receiving

Today my Master Dream List started manifesting - WooooH -what a feeling.

In June 2012 I had written down in detail what I desired in my life to manifest.

It was having a 1000 head Goat Farm in India as my primary occupation and to have an small ashram on the premises where people who espouse to learn about yoga, meditation  and simple living could stay a while.

It was part of my dream that this agricultural  venture be profitable raising goats and growing organic vegetables. As per my projections the project if run efficiently would yield more than $500,000 in profits, this is all I wanted.

You see the demand curve of products far exceeds the supply available in India. With so many mouths to feed in a growing economy this would be an ideal project and so close to the core requirements.

Also this would be my last and everlasting occupation till I am 108 years old.
That is the age I have decided to leave my physical body. Presently I am 60 so have a long ways to go.

My previous professions are as a Sailor, Banker, Farmer and Educator. I can say I have enjoyed prosper life in all possible ways and have come to the conclusion the prime objective is to always have a happy state of mind , be in service to humanity and  expounded love. 

In 2009 I sold my business of 14 years to a venture capital company who wanted Money Transfer License in California, USA. We sold it because the company was not profitable any more. The main reason was the US Dollar and the Canadian Dollar came at par from 1.60. That means we lost 60 percent of our income. We sold it for 1 Million $.

I had invested in a Greenhouse Venture in Hamilton, Ontario in 2005 to pursue my dreams. As the conditions would have it is a small market to venture into goat farming. Also the influx of cheap Mexican product was cutting into the bottom-line.

So I went to Palm Coast, Florida  in 2009 to run a fore closed motel for the bank. I ran it successfully till the bank found a buyer in a short sale. Enjoyed the beach very much, was always there before sunrise meditating. The golf there was cheap and excellent. I was there for 4 months.

Next was the State of California where my sister lives. There was a lot of driving involved about 700 miles a day. I was just going for a ride when not playing golf and vacationing in Chico and Las Vegas. Not seeing avenue of a profitable venture , on Nov 2010 I decided to leave for India and visit my Mother.

I had taken my Apple Laptop with me which I had bought in Palm Coast. This computer has truly been a friend and a companion to me. As it happened at my mother's house Chandigarh I could receive a very good internet connection from my neighbours unsecured wi fi router.

Having assisted my mother with knee surgery, I actually advised that both knees be replaced together so she may not have to go through the same recovery period in one years time.

I enrolled in training course to become a Certified Law of Attraction Coach. This was with Quantum Success Coaching Academy an institution in Las Vegas USA. I express my sincere gratitude to my neighbour in Chadigarh, India for providing the much needed internet connection for the course.

With more people having shared my vision of a goat farm we decided to proceed to set up the farm in India. One person had the land, one had the local connection and I was the visionary. A rough proposal cum projections was made on my trusted computer then services of an agricultural Consultant was acquired to polish this proposal to be presented to the bank.

We went to three banks all liked the proposal and were ready to fund it but the covenants of the borrowers were found wanting. So after six months of deliberating and approx. $10,000 of expenses - Consultant fees and other costs. It was time to go back to Toronto.

In the mean time during my training to be  life coach with the QSCA we were required to fill out our Master Dream List. What is that we desired in the area of career, health, relationship and home. This had to be in as detailed and specific as possible to be read with emotion daily. To connect with the feelings you would have as if it had already manifested. That was in June of 2012.

Came back home to  Toronto, Canada on Nov 2012, I wanted to be close to my family before the end of the world on 23 Dec 2012 ! . But all was well and the Golf season was on. Sold my share in the Greenhouse as I did not have the luxury to wait for dividends. 

On March 2013 joined Toastmasters International to improve my speaking skills and it was the best thing I ever did. There were new friends to share your emotions by way of speeches and camaraderie.

I became a Licensed  LOA Life Coach and could charge would be clients somewhere from $65 to $150 per hour. I  had visions of have a large coaching practice and also read my original Master Dream List of the goat farm

I now had new skills but had to market it on the net. To make money on the internet you need a Product or Services that you can offer to People (traffic) who will be nurtured by automatic sales funnels.

Joined  Big Idea Mastermind whose founder Vick Stresses trained how to succeed as an Internet Marketer. The basic platform was Empower Network who had digital products which you bought and had rights to sell. The idea was to sell as many Products to your downline and to train them in doing the same.

There were claims made for ridiculous amounts of money that could be made but they were quick to provide a income disclaimer saying only 2% of the people ever make money. Having acquired all the necessary internet marketing skills by the training provided by Vick, it was felt that I would be in the 2% success story. If you want to Join this movement and make some serious money CLICK HERE <<<

I was keeping busy and acquiring new skills in the mean time I needed income coming in as my saving were running low. 

There in the training you had to  read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. We had to write what our desire was as specifically as possible how much money you required and by when and by doing what activity. This was a similar activity a writing the Master Dream List in June 2012!

I read my new Desire list seriously for 8 days and then the phone rang. It was my friend from India. He said that he had acquired 50 acres of land, had secured bank financing and for me to come and start the goat project.   The ventures will be planned and executed by my extensive executive skills - there are many trained personnel in India.  I am leaving for India on Dec 4th 2013 to start my original Master Dream List Project.

There is an Internet Connection in India and the Second Master List is also being emotionalized. I want to reach out to as many people with my message.

This is another example of deliberate creation at its best. 

Will continue how my projects actually manifested to completion. 

- Captain WB

Monday, 25 November 2013

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Eating Right For Longevity

Providing food to your body is one of Four Primitive Fountains of Life ( - FREE Gift) .  What we can eat is like a big buffet selection - YOU have to choose the foods you should eat to ensure that no harmful effects are given to your body so as to increase your lifespan.

If longevity and continued good health is of Prime Importance to you  - then indulge and leave a comment.

Also would like to direct you to recent posts on this subject.

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Captain WB

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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Natural Food of Humans.

The Four Primitive Fountains of Life  are food, sleep , sex and self preservation. Any one of these or in combination can cause positive or negative emotions which cause a difference in the progression of the physical body.

Todays topic is regarding food, one of the primitive fountains. What  is the natural food of Humans ?. These are those foods which will keep improved health and longevity as the prime  factor. 

There are many who are emotionally effected by not eating enough and also many who are emotionally effected by eating the wrong foods and more than the body requires.

All ingress of food by way mouth is considered an entry of a foreign body, how the  body reacts, digests  and expels food are all the governing factors in choosing the natural foods. Taste being the only criteria can cause many inefficiencies. 

To select our natural food we must examine the structure of  the organs that aid in digestion and nutrition - The teeth and digestive canal.

By observation we find the carnivorous animals have well developed canines to seize the prey, their incisors are less developed and their molars are also pointed but do not meet so as to separate the meat fibers effectively.

In the herbivorous animals the incisors are well developed and the canines are  stunted other than as a weapon as in elephants. Molars are broad topped.

In the frugivorous all teeth are of same height, the canines a little projected, conical and blunt. The molars are broad topped and enamelled to prevent waste caused by sideways motion, but not pointed for chewing flesh.

In omnivorous animal like bears the incisors resemble those of herbivorous and canines are like those of the carnivorous, and the molars are both pointed and broad topped to serve a dual purpose.

Now if we observe the formation of teeth in humans - they do not resemble the carnivorous type, neither do they resemble the herbivorous or the omnivorous. They do resemble exactly those of the frugivorous animals. The inference is that man is a frugivorous or fruit eating animal.

If we now make observation of the digestive canal.

If we take  measurement from mouth to anus as one unit of distance.

Carnivorous Animals have a Spherical Stomach and the total disgestive system - intestines and all  is 3 to 5 times the one unit of distance.

Herbivorous  Animals have an stomach which is extended and of compound build. the total disgestive system - intestines and all  is 24 to 28 times the one unit of distance.

Frugivorous  Animals - have a broad stomach and the total disgestive system - intestines and all  is 10 to 12 times the one unit of distance.

We again draw an inference that man is a frugivorous animal.

When humans have food intake unnatural to their system  various diseases are caused- try putting diesel in a gasoline car, wont last long !.  The effect is not instantaneous but cummulative so as to reduce the life span significantly.

In conclusion

Humans due to their  teeth formation is a frugivorous animal designed to eat fruits vegetables , grains and nuts.

Further observation of the digestive canal shows the stomach is designed  for a frugivorous animal and is designed to eat fruits vegetables , grains and nuts. 

With these arguments I consider human to be  frugivorous animal. This could be said to be from the Original Equipment Manual as per manufacturers.  

Thank you

Monday, 18 November 2013

Which thought with respect to time...........

We are all carbon life forms from the humans, animals, plants, bateria, insects and bacteria.

We have the luxury to exist in our physical form for a finite amount of time.
For a start let us make this time count.

With time forming one x-axis the idea seems to keep the state of mind high on the other y-axis. (Cartesian Coordinates)

The objective is, as per all the learned thinkers of our time, to keep the State of Mind always above the baseline. +tive.

This can be acheived be having a good attitude, respect for others, a purpose in life - being in service to society and to love your self and all others- the prime objective, all other manifestations are a by product if the prime objective is followed.

You are successful in life if the prime objective is followed and your state of mind is above the baseline because of that. All the material manifestations of wealth with out the prime objective- will provide transient state of mind upliftment.

As a human you percieve all that goes around you. You comprehend all, repeat all, with your five senses and your common sense - yes it is your world as witnessed by you. All which is heard,seen,smelt.touched and tasted is your version and measured with your goodness scale- your domain of knowledge.

If with respect to the timescale, life span is finite,  you could hold a thought let that be one which is helping you to keep your State of Mind above the base line. A positive thought brought upon by a good attitude will take the same time space continuum of a negative attitude and a destructive thought.

The desire to act, think and  perceive all the postives in life depends on the ignorance of the person.

You spend a life time dispeling ignorance the root cause of all evil. What is ignorance - the perception of the non-existant or the non-perception of the existant. We talk about this perception within your brain.

When you are on the path to dispel ignorance by direct learning and meditation you will discover bliss at the end of the rainbow. The passage on the x-axis of your life span will be prosperous.

Remember the Universe is created for you when you first start perceiving on birth and cease to exist when you are no more able to perceive- cease to exist.

So in conclusion, spend the time to have thoughts consistent with good attitude towards all, have a definite life purpose to be consistent with service to humanity.

You should be always in a learning mode to dispel ignorance because you will die trying but you will get closer to achieveing bliss.

Captain WB

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Friday, 15 November 2013

Desires Process

Do you ask yourself ?

What do I want ?

Why do I want it ?

How do I want to feel ?
Hold that feeling !  beloved readers.

To have desires is human. Minimal desires are the one which are sprouted from the Four Fountains of Life - Food, Sleep, Sex and Self preservation.

Desire is a positive emotion which can become negative due to greed and obsession, this happen with the unevolved ego due to ignorance.

The feeling you can associate with is that your desire has manifested and you feel abundant. This could be material riches or some act of gratitude.

How many are still holding that feeling?

60000 thoughts a day make them count towards your happiness.
Write down what you want as specifically as possible and read it with emotions.
Your Desire will be broadcast to the Universe. - Your Duty.
Read this Desire Statement in the morning when you wake up and night before sleeping

. Universe will send a matching vibration to your request to initiate your manifestation. -

You should have Faith that it will as the Universe only matches the thought vibration received. --Universe's Duty


Allow the manifestation into your life without resistance. - Your Duty.

There are limiting beliefs which will create resistance to receive. You need to change those beliefs. Because any belief takes the same amount of energy to believe in or disbelieve in.

So what ever illusion you have make it such that it is beneficial to your state of mind and you will recieve a matching vibration from the Universe

. You have to create deliberately and not by default .

Law of Karma - Law of Attraction - You attract what you think.

Law of Deliberate Creation. - You manifest what you Deliberately think with emotion and a congruent belief system 

Law of Allowing. No Lack thoughts. Resistance to receiving the manifestation of your Desires.

By using the Desire process you are a Deliberate Creator and create your own destiny and moreover enjoy a positive state of mind in the process.

In conclusion

Ask your self everyday

What do I want ?

Why do I want It ?

How do I want to feel ?

Understanding  the Law of Attraction, Law of Deliberate creation and Law of Allowing will help you to be a deliberate creator.

Also subscribe to the belief that the Universe  is conspiring to help you in all your desires pertaining to all relationships, your body, your house, your career..

Happy and prosperous desiring ! You will achieve what ever you desire and save your self the misery of thinking you cannot achieve it. It is all in your thoughts.

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Captain WB
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Monday, 11 November 2013


First there was Nothing - The BIG Void. 

You have been given a boon of good health and good thoughts as an expression of love to you as a fellow traveller in this Universe. This is my thought and it will be yours too if you believe in what I am saying. Leave a comment if you felt it !

Then came the SOUND , then TOUCH , then SIGHT , then TASTE and the last SMELL.
Yes this is the order they came in. If you enquire as to why this order - YOU just used  your thought process to formulate that query.

Just so that you KNOW in the VOID called ETHER  the only sense would the rumbling thunder of the creative process.
They say the primordial sound OM or AUM was the very first sensory Sound which emanated when the Universe was formed. ( this is circumstantial as no one was there to experience it)

Then came the HIGGS BOSONS  and suddenly there was GASEOUS material also called AIR. This element can Touch you so you feel. when the strong winds touch you. Ask any Hurricane victim.

Then came FIRE by way of lightening. And then there was light- can See now.

Then Air  and Fire produce WATER. The planet and the human body is 70% water. Odourless but can be Tasted.

Then at last the Solids were formed and the EARTH came into existence.

No one was there to confirm all the above  and it is only our THOUGHTS and our BELIEF SYSTEM which allows such a statement to stand. We are humans with a perceptive and enquiring mind a gift from our creators. Every body is entitled to their own belief system which resonates with them.

Why these basic building blocks are being remembered is because of the recent destruction these can cause , either alone or in in conjunction with another element.

The earth quakes, Volcano Eruptions, Forest Fires, Hurricane or Typhoons, Tsunami’s , Storm Surges and collectively GOBAL WARMING  are the end result of the ELEMENTS of the bio-sphere are not in the best EQUILIBRIUM. It has been said the the only CONSTANT is CHANGE. 

This statement is true also when applied to the Human Body and Mind. Now it makes sense when they say the whole Universe lies in YOU.  Being and Non Being, are all a big Collective  being with a collective consciousness. 

We all come from Non Being enjoy our brief existence as a Being and go back to being a Non Being.

In addition the Humans have EGO which brings in a another dimension in our existence - the need for a separate existence is what EGO is defined.

Most of our past is saved as thoughts which may include intelligence like smells,taste,touch,sights, sounds  and a logical or possibly an illogical script. It is certain that ONLY you and some associated people only know about this information

Most of our future is thinking about a  outcome required based on future actions and the possible co-operation or non co-operation by other souls. You can only project your thoughts to a virtual manifestation. 

In both these case of the Past and the Future it is predominantly YOU who has the Intelligence. This is Direct Knowledge.  Indirect Knowledge is gained by reading and supplementing it with others thought process and consequent Intelligence. Collectively what you learn by Direct or Indirect forms the domain of your knowledge. Your Goodness scale in all the dichotomies of this perception will determine your state of mind.

And then there is the present which is the playing out the planned future or reliving the past with corrections. There could be many thoughts which cause inspired actions  and also other creators inspired actions cause many thoughts in you.

A human is all thought, a new virtual world created by your imagination and your inspired action manifesting the thought. Our virtual world is more transient and changes at a rapid pace- at the speed of thought. These changes cause the State of Mind to be altered and do note it is only thoughts which are responsible.

As an individual you will be different from another, your perception will be different and the most important factor is the outcome , which is you State of Mind will be different. 

The most important statement  here is that it is your utmost endeavour is to be in a Happy State of Mind always notwithstanding the circumstances.  A difficult task to master but you must die trying- EGO permitting.

Take inspired action with out fear. In this internal Universe - your brain, which has the potential to be as big as the external Universe,  do not travel haphazardly from one galaxy to another. You have to travel but do not waste any more thoughts as to how, concentrate on the how you feel good when you will reach that destination all will fall into place.

The Prime Objective of life well lived is to be in a happy state of mind with respect to your lifespan as the base.

If for some reason you are not, how to spring back to the happy state mind in the shortest possible time. You can think your way into feeling good with out changing other external circumstances.

Meditation is known to help you to exercise your mind and to achieve the Prime Objective.

Happy Sailing !
Love and Light 

Saturday, 9 November 2013

A Perfect food for Longevity and tasty too.....

Have you ever asked your body what would it like to eat ?  Most of the time it would be different from what your mind wants to eat ! 

A recipe listed here is from the Vedas. It is essentially the same with some minor changes. Just imagine you will be eating a dish which people ate 5000 years ago.

This is a wholesome  diet  in keeping with advise in the scriptures regarding nuts, grains, fruits and vegetables (NGFV) to be the staple diet for a human being.

Dairy Products, Animal flesh, birds and fish are not on the prefered list of longevity foods.  Light Diary like 0% Fat Yoghourt and Skim Milk can be used for source of protiens.

As the body grows in years the digestive system gets weaker so the food habits have to get simpler to the consumption of  Nuts, Grains, Fruits and Vegetables.

The watch word is to eat Whole Foods which are minimally cooked. No processed foods,  no added sugar,   no added salt, no animal fats. There is enough nutirents in the NGFV family to sustain you and more.

The Recipe: Makes two Portions

  • In one cup (Let us say the Grain Cup) measure 1/2 Moong Dal (Split - The whole Moong Beans is split in two portions)
  • The balance 1/4 fill with Quinoa or Spilt Peas (My Variation)
  • The remaining 1/4 fill with Basmati Rice.
  •  (Rinse all above  in Cold water and drain)

  • In another empty cup (Let us say the Spice Cup)-  
  • 2 Table Spoons of Cumin Seeds
  • 1 Table Spoon of Fenugreek Seeds,
  • 1 Table spoon of Kalonji Seeds
  • 1/2 Table spoon of Cayenne Pepper.  (not the hot Chili Powder)
  • 1 Inch Grated Fresh Ginger
  • 2 Table spoons of Grated Garlic. (10 cloves of Garlic chopped)
  • 1/2 Table Spoon of Turmeric Powder.

  • Keep Two Tables spoons of Olive Oil  Ready. ( My Variation - the Vedic Recipr calls for Ghee- Clarified Butter)

  • Two Handful of frozen vegetable mix (My Variation)
SALT to Taste......You will get used to it without SALT!

Place  a 8 inch crock pot (with a lid) on the flame and introduce the olive oil.

Now things happen rapidly from now on.

Introduce the entire content of the Spice Cup in hot oil.
On crackling of the seeds Introduce the entire content of the Grain Cup.
Keep moving the ingredients and introduce 3 and 1/4 cup of Water.
Now introduce the Frozen Vegetables (Broccali, carrots, French Beans, Pea Pods, Mushrooms...what ever is in the frozen vegetable packet. Can subsitute
with fresh vegetable if you desire)

Now on the start of the boil ( it should have taken no more than 5/7 minutes from the time you started with the pot on the fire) place the lid on the crock pot, bring the flame to low and put the timer for 35 minutes. Do not open the lid till the timer is done.

When you come back you better be hungry. The best way to eat it is garnished with  Plain 0% Fat Yoghourt and some spicy pickles. 

This will provide you with a wholesome Grains,  Legumes, Vegetables and Cleansing Spices. (For better effect you can grind the Spice Cup's  dry contents to a powder.)

If you make the dish kindly leave a comment and the variations you did to the dish and how it came out.

Here are some benefits of all that goes in our spice cup.

Listed here some of fenugreek's primary health benefits.
  • Fasting Blood sugar levels significant reduction.
  • Healthy cholesterol and triglycerides  reduced.
  • Sexual health - Fenugreek has long been understood to increase libido. 
  • Digestion - Fenugreek causes a protective coating on the lining of the stomach and intestine, reducing gastric inflammation, reflux and heartburn.
  • Skin inflammation - Effective  treatment for skin problems such as abscesses, boils, burns, eczema and gout.
  • Eases childbirth and  boosts milk production in nursing mothers.
  • Relieves fever and eases flu symptoms.
  • Eases menopause symptoms
  • May help prevent cancer -  as an antioxidant and free radical cleanser.
  • Rich fiber content make it useful in treating constipation, and as a preventive against cardiovascular disease.

Because it is a food substance, fenugreek may be safely consumed in moderate amounts, either added to food, or in the form of supplements. 

This is a  miracle potion which cures most disease afflicting Humans except death. 

  • Very High in Nutritional Value
  • Immune System Strengthening
  • Anti Histaimine Activity
  • Anti Bacterial
  • Anti Inflammatory
  • Fights Cancer.
  • Promotes Lactation in new Mothers.

This is a dried seed of Cuminum Cyminum, a member of the parsely family.
Some benefits are listed.

  • Aids digestion.
  • Excellent food for ensuring good colon health and prevention of piles.
  • Relief from Insomnia. (cannot sleep)
  • Respiratory Disorders like Asthma and Bronchitis.
  • High in Vitamin C helps with the common Cold.
  • Improves Lactation in Young Mothers.
  • High in Irom excellent for Anemia.
  • Has disinfectant and anti Fungal properties help with skin disorders.
  • Removes toxins from body - less boils and pimples.
  • General improvement of the immune system.
  • Anti Carcinogenic Properties in the Intestines and colon.
  • Improves memory and increases concentration.

This is  powdered Cayenne Pepper which is milder than pure chilli power avaiable.

Many benefits include:

  • Anti Irritant Properties.
  • Anti Cold and Flu AgentAnti Fungal Properties.
  • Anti Bacterial 
  • Anti Allergen
  • Anti Infammatory Properties.
  • Migraine Headache prevention.
  • Joint Pain Reliever
  • Digestive Aid
  • Improves Saliva production.
  • Treatment and prevention of Blood Clots
  • Help detoxification.
  • Improves Heart Health
  • Topical paste for snale bites, inflammations .

It has an immense interal healing properties. Taken daily in your food can help with these benefits.

  • Anti Cancer
  • Help in delaying the onset of Alzhiemer Disease
  • General Sugar Control in Diabetic cases
  • Alleviation of Allergies
  • Reduction of Artheritic Symptoms.
  • General Anti Septic properties when ingested.

All these spices are not pills where you see the results right away, the effects are gradual if consistently taken.

If you have any question do contact me at

Saturday, 2 November 2013

YOU as in the Original Equipment Manufacturer's manual.

How would YOU describe yourself !

A electro-chemical based mechanical being which has direct sense perceptions by the the following sensors.
The being can hear sounds, can sense touch, can see, can taste and can smell.
These senses are collated at a central place and the information collected helps us to make necessary decisions to ensure that in the continuum of time space where on the happy state of mind spectrum you are located.

My being also has indirect sense perceptions by drawing on complex images, incidents, sounds stored in their vast memory banks in the brain.

These big reservoir of memories could be also be carried forward from a previous life and could only be accessed in the super sub conscious state which you can easily access through meditation or randomly in the dream state when sleeping.

My Mind wanders from being in Happy State of Mind, say 1, as one Extreme and likes to keep away from an Unhappy State of Mind, say 0, in the other extreme. All this information is exchanged by way of electrical signals between the various cells in the body.

Vedic Fact - In the meditative state, you can with intention, stimulate any part of your physical, electrical and chemical functionality of  body parts or organs. You will it better by triggering the auto immune system. You can use it for prevention or remission of disease.

To explain it further let us divide the body by the basic functions it carries out. We will start from the top.

Neurological Functions analyzed by the brain and perceived  by the Medulla Oblongta the first body part which is created in a human fetus. This forms the command centre where all information is collected to make decisions about continued survival. Let is call this the CENTRAL COMMAND System and locate it right in-between your EYE BROWS and 4 inches inwards.

The SECOND is the RESPIRATORY System. This is an involuntary system where Air rich in oxygen provides the necessary cleansing of the blood of CO2 and other waste products. This a complex process but simple enough to understand that  life is a string of breaths, you miss one and  will surely die.

Let us say the location is your ADAMS APPLE in your throat. The centre is also responsible for SPEECH.

The THIRD is the CIRCULATORY System. This again is an involuntary system where the Heart pumps fresh blood rich in oxygen to the various organs and extremities of the body in the first part and the reception of blood now rich in CO2 back to the heart for cleansing in the second part.

The location of this centre is the exact location of the Physical HEART on the left side but moved to the centre on the breast bone.

The FOURTH is the METABOLISM System. This includes all digestions and other means of metabolizing all ingested nutrients to strip from them all useful ingredients which will help the survival. It also expel all harmful ingredients  which would be harmful to the body.

The Stomach, liver, pancreas, gall bladder , intestines and other organs helping the digestive process are controlled by this Center. The location of this is the SOLAR PLEXUS, this is two inches on top of navel.

The FIFTH is the REPRODUCTION System. This includes the reproductive genitalia and associated  organs, it also includes the kidneys ,the prostrate, the urinary tract and the Spleen. The location, is said to be just behind the Genital Organs in the location of the Ovaries or Testes.

The SIXTH is the EXCRETION System. This includes the Colon, Rectum and part of the Intestines. Location of the centre is between the anus and the tailbone.

To Summarize:

NUMBER             SYSTEM                                               CHAKRA

FIRST                 NEUROLOGICAL  SYSTEM                  THIRD EYE

SECOND            RESPIRATORY SYSTEM                      THROAT                
THIRD                CIRCULATORY SYSTEM                     HEART                      
FOURTH            METABOLISM SYSTEM                        SOLAR PLEXUS      
FIFTH                 REPRODUCTION SYSTEM                  SACRAL (SPLEEN)  
SIXTH                 EXCRETION SYSTEM                          ROOT                        

There is one more SYSTEM above the FIRST one called the PERCEPTION (SPIRITUAL) SYSTEM.
This is located 3 inches above the crown of the head and is called the CROWN Chakra.

You can number them in any way but knowledge of their function is important.

Now if any one system fails life in the physical form will cease.  Some systems have rapid outcomes on failing  others have gradual.

It is important to note that during meditation you can by the power of intention stimulate a healthy functioning of any system. A healthy system can be desired in your prayers to the Universe.

In conclusion we have 7 major Systems signified with seven major Chakra’s.

How to use Meditation to open up all Chakra'a  to ensure a healthy body to Follow.

Captain WB

Monday, 28 October 2013

The Eight Meannesses of the Heart

These Meannesses will be present in some degree in you. You have to dispel them.

"How do I dispel them ?"  you ask !

First let me tell you what they are , then you can dispel them by Meditation by asking your Inner Being !

The Eight Meannesses of the heart


  •  The act of condemning.
  •  The state of being condemned.
  •  Severe reproof; strong censure.
  •  A reason or occasion for condemning.


  •  A feeling of agitation and anxiety caused by the presence or imminence of danger.
  •  A state or condition marked by this feeling: living in fear.
  •  A feeling of disquiet or apprehension: a fear of looking foolish.
  •  Extreme reverence or awe, as toward a supreme power.
  •  A reason for dread or apprehension: Being alone is my greatest fear.


  •  Deep mental anguish, as that arising from bereavement. See Synonyms at regret.
  •  A source of deep mental anguish.
  •  Annoyance or frustration: Trying to follow their directions was nothing but grief.
  •  Trouble or difficulty: the griefs of trying to meet a deadline.
  •  Archaic A grievance.


  • Intense animosity or hostility.
  • Hatred is a form of subjective involvement by which one is bound to the hated object —Lao Tzu


  • Excessive pride solely for belonging to certain pedigree normally within the same race.


  • The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
  • Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

  • A painful emotion caused by a strong sense of guilt, embarrassment, unworthiness, or disgrace.
  • Capacity for such a feeling: Have you no shame?
  • One that brings dishonor, disgrace, or condemnation.
  • A condition of disgrace or dishonor; ignominy.
  • A great disappointment.


  • an often unjustified feeling of being pleased with oneself or with one's situation or achievements 
  • the sense of smugness that can come with too many easy victories.

When you meditate and work on your self to remove these attributes you move on the path towards being a better person who is now positioned for better success in any of your worldly quests. You must talk to your self !

Monday, 21 October 2013

Law of Attraction

The first Essential Universal Law and the most powerful is the Law of Attraction. 

There are many ways to express the Law of Attraction:
Like Attracts Like
That which is like unto itself is drawn.
Meant to be
Where your attention goes, your energy flows.
What you think of with emotion you attract.

The Law of Attraction states, that whatever is broadcast out into the universe is joined by  energies that are of an equal frequency, resonance, or vibration. The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the Universe. Buddha had said that everything in the Universe is energy. All gases, liquids and solids  are energy vibrating at a different frequencies.  

All energy has a vibration, radiates a signal, and attracts a matching signal back. Thoughts and feelings are also energy. When we send out our thoughts, our thoughts have certain vibrations, which then radiates a signal, and a matching signal is sent back to the source of that signal. If we think thoughts of abundance, that vibration is sent out into the universe. The abundance signal is sent out and we receive back matching energy in the form of abundance. 

The same is true if we are thinking thoughts of lack or limitation. If we feel that something we have in our experience is not good enough, we are sending out that vibration and signal and the universe, by the Law of Attraction, brings us more of what we think is not good enough. The Law of Attraction delivers both what is wanted and what is unwanted, depending on the signal we send out to the Universe. You attract what you are and that which you concentrate upon. If you are feeling negative emotions, you draw in and experience negativity. 

If you are feeling positive emotions, you draw in and experience positive life experiences. You can attract to you only those qualities you possess. So, if you want freedom and joy in your life, you must feel that it already feels like to feel freedom and joy in your life right now. This Universal Law demonstrates how we create the things, events, and people that come into our lives. Our thoughts  feelings, words, and actions produce energies which, in turn, attract like energies. 

The Law of Attraction, also known as Cause and Effect or Sowing and Reaping is, like all , extremely important to understand and implement if you are to learn to purposefully and consciously attract the things into your life that you most desire. It is equally as important to learn how not to attract those things that you do not desire. Most of us are focused on what we don’t want, and with our attention on what we don’t want, we create more of what we don’t want. The way to work in alignment with the Law of Attraction is to be aware of what you are focusing your attention on. 

Whatever we give our energy, focus, and attention to, whether wanted or unwanted, is what we will attract into out lives. If you choose to consciously and deliberately create a life of abundance and joy, becoming aware of how this law works is very important. The Law of Attraction, like all the Universal Laws, is verifiable, unwavering and predictable. You can then implement it, to attract to yourself, the things that prior to this knowledge, seemed to happen only by chance. How you deliberately choose your thoughts and feelings is important in order to become a person that deliberately creates your life.

Quantum Physics in a nutshell:

This was theorized in 1920, by Einstien and Satendernath Bose ,that such particle has to exist as per calculation. On March 13th 2013 they tentatively confirmed the existence of Higgs Boson at the CERN in Switzerland   CERN is Consul of European Research Nuclaire . They  call it the God particle .  This particle is supposed to have no mass but has energy , Gravitational or Electromagnetic and started the creation of the Universe.
It can be said - that this Boson is very much like a Human Thought - No mass, electromagnetic energy. The Vedas talk of energy creating all things in the Universe.

In this void called ETHER there are forces at play by the bosons. This Particle with no mass carries a force - Gravitational or Electromagnetic it could be strong or weak.  This can be heard only all other senses are not functioning. The Vedas say the original primordial sound OM denotes the origination of our universe.
They reach a critical vibration and creates mass -  first comes the  Gaseous State - we now have AIR - This can be Heard and Felt
We then reach a different vibration and we have FIRE. This element can be seen, heard and felt.
Then vibrations which are appropriate cause WATER to be formed. This element being Odourless can be Tasted, seen, heard and felt.
Finally the EARTH was created by the  mother of all vibrations and this Element could be sensed by all the five senses as it could be also smelt.

The living being was formed from the various different vibrations of all the Five Elements . We and every being and non non being are recycled stardust we don't know from when.  Even a new born baby is recycled stardust which was specifically created , will be nurtured and will cease to exist in time, with the body then merging back with the classical Elements.

As deliberate creators we are learning to use WORDS/SOUND  one of the four original idea the other being TIME, SPACE and ATOMS.
We learn how to create new thoughts to effect an ever  expanding UNIVERSE.

The human thought is the miniature form of same  energy which created the universe. It is minuscule but none the less the thought you think are transmitted to the universe and you receive back the corresponding manifestation. 

Spiritual Awareness of the Law of Attraction
The Law of Attraction has been communicated through the writing and teachings of some of the greatest teachers in history such as Jesus and Buddha. Although it has been fairly recently that The Law of Attraction was given a name, it has existed since the beginning of time!

“Whatsoever things ye desire when ye pray, believe that you
receive them and ye shall have them.”

Captain WB

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Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Passage of Your Thought form to your State of Mind

All Being has come from Non Being and goes back to Non Being after a buffer of time. The journey of a being in the Physical mode, your choice, is an extension of Non Physical - Non Being. 

This best perceived way to utilize this gift of Physical life is to enjoy the journey by keeping your state of mind in a state of Joy for as long as possible with respect to the buffer of time of physical life. 

The basis of life is Freedom and the purpose of your of life is Joy. If Joy were a lighthouse whose loom is visible and you row in your lifeboat towards it with your oars. 

The act of rowing in the lifeboat is similar to activity of any kind, which would create an outcome and consequently a corresponding emotion. The emotion thus created would either make you feel good Joyful, make you feel bad or do nothing for you. 

Nonetheless how you feel is of paramount importance as this will be influential in creating the next thought form - your emotional guidance system. 

If your State of Mind is always joyful, the Universe will ensure that all your thoughts will be positive. Never loose sight of the light house loom, you may never reach the light house but if you loose the loom, you will go around in circles feel bewildered, overwhelmed, lost and will only feel good when you get sight of the light house again and resume your journey towards it. 

You are a creator as you create with your every thought. This creation can be deliberate or by default. 

You have to know what do you want, why you want it and how you want to feel to create a strong vibration of thought form which finds a matching vibration in the universe to manifest your desires. 

All is well. That is the natural state. We think otherwise due to many external influences. When we say THINK this is your thought form, which may give you a perception that all is not well. This can be termed as ignorance - which is the root cause of all troubles. 

Ignorance is the perception of the non-existent or the non-perception of the existent. 

You the perceiver perceives the thought form, which manifests into an outcome, which could make you feel good or make you, feel bad. You are a creator of thought ways on your unique path of joy. No one can limit where you can direct your thought. All depart for the journey to discover but know this ALL is WELL. 

If your State of Mind is always positive irrespective of the situation engulfing you will always find the right thought is provided by the Universe and the outcomes are a by product of your joyous journey. 

Keep the ship's course steady with help of your Emotional Guidance System and all material manifestations will follow in abundance. Keep on the Karmic Journey with a Positive State of Mind and do not pine for rewards - they will surely follow. Allowing the rewards into your experience requires detachment. 

You are a carbon life form, which will cease functioning at the appropriate time. During your journey, try to dispel ignorance preventing you to live a stress free healthy life. Pray to the Universe (Deliberate Creations) that the non-Physical you depart from Physical body in the same manner as a cucumber comes of the stem when it is ripe or when in the fall the ripened leaves fall down from the tree. 

Then the non-Physical you will choose another body and go for another journey. As a New Physical being you will have another opportunity to dispel ignorance in this world of the 10000 things. 

Remember in this entire voyage the Universe is conspiring to help you always. Make that a core belief.

Captain WB

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Meditation helps to heal and energize - body and mind.

Do Meditation Regularly, Meditation brings YOU eternal Bliss.

It also helps repair you mind and body by triggering the Auto Immune System..

Talk to your Inner Being for gaining direct knowledge, it is like having your own inner guide !

Achieving a calm state of mindand feeling a weightlessness would indicate that you you have reached a meditative state.

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So Long.....

Captain WB

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Friday, 18 October 2013

Are you Ready to weigh anchor and go forth for an adventure !

Remember we are all thoughts and some inspired action.
We shut down a good thought because we feel it would not work!. This is yet your thoughts - it could be Ignorance - which is the root cause of all troubles.

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Guys this whole Life is a series of illusions only the concept of a pleasant illusion is what you should strive for.

So Long......