Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Passage of Your Thought form to your State of Mind

All Being has come from Non Being and goes back to Non Being after a buffer of time. The journey of a being in the Physical mode, your choice, is an extension of Non Physical - Non Being. 

This best perceived way to utilize this gift of Physical life is to enjoy the journey by keeping your state of mind in a state of Joy for as long as possible with respect to the buffer of time of physical life. 

The basis of life is Freedom and the purpose of your of life is Joy. If Joy were a lighthouse whose loom is visible and you row in your lifeboat towards it with your oars. 

The act of rowing in the lifeboat is similar to activity of any kind, which would create an outcome and consequently a corresponding emotion. The emotion thus created would either make you feel good Joyful, make you feel bad or do nothing for you. 

Nonetheless how you feel is of paramount importance as this will be influential in creating the next thought form - your emotional guidance system. 

If your State of Mind is always joyful, the Universe will ensure that all your thoughts will be positive. Never loose sight of the light house loom, you may never reach the light house but if you loose the loom, you will go around in circles feel bewildered, overwhelmed, lost and will only feel good when you get sight of the light house again and resume your journey towards it. 

You are a creator as you create with your every thought. This creation can be deliberate or by default. 

You have to know what do you want, why you want it and how you want to feel to create a strong vibration of thought form which finds a matching vibration in the universe to manifest your desires. 

All is well. That is the natural state. We think otherwise due to many external influences. When we say THINK this is your thought form, which may give you a perception that all is not well. This can be termed as ignorance - which is the root cause of all troubles. 

Ignorance is the perception of the non-existent or the non-perception of the existent. 

You the perceiver perceives the thought form, which manifests into an outcome, which could make you feel good or make you, feel bad. You are a creator of thought ways on your unique path of joy. No one can limit where you can direct your thought. All depart for the journey to discover but know this ALL is WELL. 

If your State of Mind is always positive irrespective of the situation engulfing you will always find the right thought is provided by the Universe and the outcomes are a by product of your joyous journey. 

Keep the ship's course steady with help of your Emotional Guidance System and all material manifestations will follow in abundance. Keep on the Karmic Journey with a Positive State of Mind and do not pine for rewards - they will surely follow. Allowing the rewards into your experience requires detachment. 

You are a carbon life form, which will cease functioning at the appropriate time. During your journey, try to dispel ignorance preventing you to live a stress free healthy life. Pray to the Universe (Deliberate Creations) that the non-Physical you depart from Physical body in the same manner as a cucumber comes of the stem when it is ripe or when in the fall the ripened leaves fall down from the tree. 

Then the non-Physical you will choose another body and go for another journey. As a New Physical being you will have another opportunity to dispel ignorance in this world of the 10000 things. 

Remember in this entire voyage the Universe is conspiring to help you always. Make that a core belief.

Captain WB

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