Saturday, 30 November 2013

Deliberate Creation and Receiving

Today my Master Dream List started manifesting - WooooH -what a feeling.

In June 2012 I had written down in detail what I desired in my life to manifest.

It was having a 1000 head Goat Farm in India as my primary occupation and to have an small ashram on the premises where people who espouse to learn about yoga, meditation  and simple living could stay a while.

It was part of my dream that this agricultural  venture be profitable raising goats and growing organic vegetables. As per my projections the project if run efficiently would yield more than $500,000 in profits, this is all I wanted.

You see the demand curve of products far exceeds the supply available in India. With so many mouths to feed in a growing economy this would be an ideal project and so close to the core requirements.

Also this would be my last and everlasting occupation till I am 108 years old.
That is the age I have decided to leave my physical body. Presently I am 60 so have a long ways to go.

My previous professions are as a Sailor, Banker, Farmer and Educator. I can say I have enjoyed prosper life in all possible ways and have come to the conclusion the prime objective is to always have a happy state of mind , be in service to humanity and  expounded love. 

In 2009 I sold my business of 14 years to a venture capital company who wanted Money Transfer License in California, USA. We sold it because the company was not profitable any more. The main reason was the US Dollar and the Canadian Dollar came at par from 1.60. That means we lost 60 percent of our income. We sold it for 1 Million $.

I had invested in a Greenhouse Venture in Hamilton, Ontario in 2005 to pursue my dreams. As the conditions would have it is a small market to venture into goat farming. Also the influx of cheap Mexican product was cutting into the bottom-line.

So I went to Palm Coast, Florida  in 2009 to run a fore closed motel for the bank. I ran it successfully till the bank found a buyer in a short sale. Enjoyed the beach very much, was always there before sunrise meditating. The golf there was cheap and excellent. I was there for 4 months.

Next was the State of California where my sister lives. There was a lot of driving involved about 700 miles a day. I was just going for a ride when not playing golf and vacationing in Chico and Las Vegas. Not seeing avenue of a profitable venture , on Nov 2010 I decided to leave for India and visit my Mother.

I had taken my Apple Laptop with me which I had bought in Palm Coast. This computer has truly been a friend and a companion to me. As it happened at my mother's house Chandigarh I could receive a very good internet connection from my neighbours unsecured wi fi router.

Having assisted my mother with knee surgery, I actually advised that both knees be replaced together so she may not have to go through the same recovery period in one years time.

I enrolled in training course to become a Certified Law of Attraction Coach. This was with Quantum Success Coaching Academy an institution in Las Vegas USA. I express my sincere gratitude to my neighbour in Chadigarh, India for providing the much needed internet connection for the course.

With more people having shared my vision of a goat farm we decided to proceed to set up the farm in India. One person had the land, one had the local connection and I was the visionary. A rough proposal cum projections was made on my trusted computer then services of an agricultural Consultant was acquired to polish this proposal to be presented to the bank.

We went to three banks all liked the proposal and were ready to fund it but the covenants of the borrowers were found wanting. So after six months of deliberating and approx. $10,000 of expenses - Consultant fees and other costs. It was time to go back to Toronto.

In the mean time during my training to be  life coach with the QSCA we were required to fill out our Master Dream List. What is that we desired in the area of career, health, relationship and home. This had to be in as detailed and specific as possible to be read with emotion daily. To connect with the feelings you would have as if it had already manifested. That was in June of 2012.

Came back home to  Toronto, Canada on Nov 2012, I wanted to be close to my family before the end of the world on 23 Dec 2012 ! . But all was well and the Golf season was on. Sold my share in the Greenhouse as I did not have the luxury to wait for dividends. 

On March 2013 joined Toastmasters International to improve my speaking skills and it was the best thing I ever did. There were new friends to share your emotions by way of speeches and camaraderie.

I became a Licensed  LOA Life Coach and could charge would be clients somewhere from $65 to $150 per hour. I  had visions of have a large coaching practice and also read my original Master Dream List of the goat farm

I now had new skills but had to market it on the net. To make money on the internet you need a Product or Services that you can offer to People (traffic) who will be nurtured by automatic sales funnels.

Joined  Big Idea Mastermind whose founder Vick Stresses trained how to succeed as an Internet Marketer. The basic platform was Empower Network who had digital products which you bought and had rights to sell. The idea was to sell as many Products to your downline and to train them in doing the same.

There were claims made for ridiculous amounts of money that could be made but they were quick to provide a income disclaimer saying only 2% of the people ever make money. Having acquired all the necessary internet marketing skills by the training provided by Vick, it was felt that I would be in the 2% success story. If you want to Join this movement and make some serious money CLICK HERE <<<

I was keeping busy and acquiring new skills in the mean time I needed income coming in as my saving were running low. 

There in the training you had to  read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. We had to write what our desire was as specifically as possible how much money you required and by when and by doing what activity. This was a similar activity a writing the Master Dream List in June 2012!

I read my new Desire list seriously for 8 days and then the phone rang. It was my friend from India. He said that he had acquired 50 acres of land, had secured bank financing and for me to come and start the goat project.   The ventures will be planned and executed by my extensive executive skills - there are many trained personnel in India.  I am leaving for India on Dec 4th 2013 to start my original Master Dream List Project.

There is an Internet Connection in India and the Second Master List is also being emotionalized. I want to reach out to as many people with my message.

This is another example of deliberate creation at its best. 

Will continue how my projects actually manifested to completion. 

- Captain WB

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