Friday, 15 November 2013

Desires Process

Do you ask yourself ?

What do I want ?

Why do I want it ?

How do I want to feel ?
Hold that feeling !  beloved readers.

To have desires is human. Minimal desires are the one which are sprouted from the Four Fountains of Life - Food, Sleep, Sex and Self preservation.

Desire is a positive emotion which can become negative due to greed and obsession, this happen with the unevolved ego due to ignorance.

The feeling you can associate with is that your desire has manifested and you feel abundant. This could be material riches or some act of gratitude.

How many are still holding that feeling?

60000 thoughts a day make them count towards your happiness.
Write down what you want as specifically as possible and read it with emotions.
Your Desire will be broadcast to the Universe. - Your Duty.
Read this Desire Statement in the morning when you wake up and night before sleeping

. Universe will send a matching vibration to your request to initiate your manifestation. -

You should have Faith that it will as the Universe only matches the thought vibration received. --Universe's Duty


Allow the manifestation into your life without resistance. - Your Duty.

There are limiting beliefs which will create resistance to receive. You need to change those beliefs. Because any belief takes the same amount of energy to believe in or disbelieve in.

So what ever illusion you have make it such that it is beneficial to your state of mind and you will recieve a matching vibration from the Universe

. You have to create deliberately and not by default .

Law of Karma - Law of Attraction - You attract what you think.

Law of Deliberate Creation. - You manifest what you Deliberately think with emotion and a congruent belief system 

Law of Allowing. No Lack thoughts. Resistance to receiving the manifestation of your Desires.

By using the Desire process you are a Deliberate Creator and create your own destiny and moreover enjoy a positive state of mind in the process.

In conclusion

Ask your self everyday

What do I want ?

Why do I want It ?

How do I want to feel ?

Understanding  the Law of Attraction, Law of Deliberate creation and Law of Allowing will help you to be a deliberate creator.

Also subscribe to the belief that the Universe  is conspiring to help you in all your desires pertaining to all relationships, your body, your house, your career..

Happy and prosperous desiring ! You will achieve what ever you desire and save your self the misery of thinking you cannot achieve it. It is all in your thoughts.

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