Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Natural Food of Humans.

The Four Primitive Fountains of Life  are food, sleep , sex and self preservation. Any one of these or in combination can cause positive or negative emotions which cause a difference in the progression of the physical body.

Todays topic is regarding food, one of the primitive fountains. What  is the natural food of Humans ?. These are those foods which will keep improved health and longevity as the prime  factor. 

There are many who are emotionally effected by not eating enough and also many who are emotionally effected by eating the wrong foods and more than the body requires.

All ingress of food by way mouth is considered an entry of a foreign body, how the  body reacts, digests  and expels food are all the governing factors in choosing the natural foods. Taste being the only criteria can cause many inefficiencies. 

To select our natural food we must examine the structure of  the organs that aid in digestion and nutrition - The teeth and digestive canal.

By observation we find the carnivorous animals have well developed canines to seize the prey, their incisors are less developed and their molars are also pointed but do not meet so as to separate the meat fibers effectively.

In the herbivorous animals the incisors are well developed and the canines are  stunted other than as a weapon as in elephants. Molars are broad topped.

In the frugivorous all teeth are of same height, the canines a little projected, conical and blunt. The molars are broad topped and enamelled to prevent waste caused by sideways motion, but not pointed for chewing flesh.

In omnivorous animal like bears the incisors resemble those of herbivorous and canines are like those of the carnivorous, and the molars are both pointed and broad topped to serve a dual purpose.

Now if we observe the formation of teeth in humans - they do not resemble the carnivorous type, neither do they resemble the herbivorous or the omnivorous. They do resemble exactly those of the frugivorous animals. The inference is that man is a frugivorous or fruit eating animal.

If we now make observation of the digestive canal.

If we take  measurement from mouth to anus as one unit of distance.

Carnivorous Animals have a Spherical Stomach and the total disgestive system - intestines and all  is 3 to 5 times the one unit of distance.

Herbivorous  Animals have an stomach which is extended and of compound build. the total disgestive system - intestines and all  is 24 to 28 times the one unit of distance.

Frugivorous  Animals - have a broad stomach and the total disgestive system - intestines and all  is 10 to 12 times the one unit of distance.

We again draw an inference that man is a frugivorous animal.

When humans have food intake unnatural to their system  various diseases are caused- try putting diesel in a gasoline car, wont last long !.  The effect is not instantaneous but cummulative so as to reduce the life span significantly.

In conclusion

Humans due to their  teeth formation is a frugivorous animal designed to eat fruits vegetables , grains and nuts.

Further observation of the digestive canal shows the stomach is designed  for a frugivorous animal and is designed to eat fruits vegetables , grains and nuts. 

With these arguments I consider human to be  frugivorous animal. This could be said to be from the Original Equipment Manual as per manufacturers.  

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