Monday, 11 November 2013


First there was Nothing - The BIG Void. 

You have been given a boon of good health and good thoughts as an expression of love to you as a fellow traveller in this Universe. This is my thought and it will be yours too if you believe in what I am saying. Leave a comment if you felt it !

Then came the SOUND , then TOUCH , then SIGHT , then TASTE and the last SMELL.
Yes this is the order they came in. If you enquire as to why this order - YOU just used  your thought process to formulate that query.

Just so that you KNOW in the VOID called ETHER  the only sense would the rumbling thunder of the creative process.
They say the primordial sound OM or AUM was the very first sensory Sound which emanated when the Universe was formed. ( this is circumstantial as no one was there to experience it)

Then came the HIGGS BOSONS  and suddenly there was GASEOUS material also called AIR. This element can Touch you so you feel. when the strong winds touch you. Ask any Hurricane victim.

Then came FIRE by way of lightening. And then there was light- can See now.

Then Air  and Fire produce WATER. The planet and the human body is 70% water. Odourless but can be Tasted.

Then at last the Solids were formed and the EARTH came into existence.

No one was there to confirm all the above  and it is only our THOUGHTS and our BELIEF SYSTEM which allows such a statement to stand. We are humans with a perceptive and enquiring mind a gift from our creators. Every body is entitled to their own belief system which resonates with them.

Why these basic building blocks are being remembered is because of the recent destruction these can cause , either alone or in in conjunction with another element.

The earth quakes, Volcano Eruptions, Forest Fires, Hurricane or Typhoons, Tsunami’s , Storm Surges and collectively GOBAL WARMING  are the end result of the ELEMENTS of the bio-sphere are not in the best EQUILIBRIUM. It has been said the the only CONSTANT is CHANGE. 

This statement is true also when applied to the Human Body and Mind. Now it makes sense when they say the whole Universe lies in YOU.  Being and Non Being, are all a big Collective  being with a collective consciousness. 

We all come from Non Being enjoy our brief existence as a Being and go back to being a Non Being.

In addition the Humans have EGO which brings in a another dimension in our existence - the need for a separate existence is what EGO is defined.

Most of our past is saved as thoughts which may include intelligence like smells,taste,touch,sights, sounds  and a logical or possibly an illogical script. It is certain that ONLY you and some associated people only know about this information

Most of our future is thinking about a  outcome required based on future actions and the possible co-operation or non co-operation by other souls. You can only project your thoughts to a virtual manifestation. 

In both these case of the Past and the Future it is predominantly YOU who has the Intelligence. This is Direct Knowledge.  Indirect Knowledge is gained by reading and supplementing it with others thought process and consequent Intelligence. Collectively what you learn by Direct or Indirect forms the domain of your knowledge. Your Goodness scale in all the dichotomies of this perception will determine your state of mind.

And then there is the present which is the playing out the planned future or reliving the past with corrections. There could be many thoughts which cause inspired actions  and also other creators inspired actions cause many thoughts in you.

A human is all thought, a new virtual world created by your imagination and your inspired action manifesting the thought. Our virtual world is more transient and changes at a rapid pace- at the speed of thought. These changes cause the State of Mind to be altered and do note it is only thoughts which are responsible.

As an individual you will be different from another, your perception will be different and the most important factor is the outcome , which is you State of Mind will be different. 

The most important statement  here is that it is your utmost endeavour is to be in a Happy State of Mind always notwithstanding the circumstances.  A difficult task to master but you must die trying- EGO permitting.

Take inspired action with out fear. In this internal Universe - your brain, which has the potential to be as big as the external Universe,  do not travel haphazardly from one galaxy to another. You have to travel but do not waste any more thoughts as to how, concentrate on the how you feel good when you will reach that destination all will fall into place.

The Prime Objective of life well lived is to be in a happy state of mind with respect to your lifespan as the base.

If for some reason you are not, how to spring back to the happy state mind in the shortest possible time. You can think your way into feeling good with out changing other external circumstances.

Meditation is known to help you to exercise your mind and to achieve the Prime Objective.

Happy Sailing !
Love and Light 

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