Monday, 18 November 2013

Which thought with respect to time...........

We are all carbon life forms from the humans, animals, plants, bateria, insects and bacteria.

We have the luxury to exist in our physical form for a finite amount of time.
For a start let us make this time count.

With time forming one x-axis the idea seems to keep the state of mind high on the other y-axis. (Cartesian Coordinates)

The objective is, as per all the learned thinkers of our time, to keep the State of Mind always above the baseline. +tive.

This can be acheived be having a good attitude, respect for others, a purpose in life - being in service to society and to love your self and all others- the prime objective, all other manifestations are a by product if the prime objective is followed.

You are successful in life if the prime objective is followed and your state of mind is above the baseline because of that. All the material manifestations of wealth with out the prime objective- will provide transient state of mind upliftment.

As a human you percieve all that goes around you. You comprehend all, repeat all, with your five senses and your common sense - yes it is your world as witnessed by you. All which is heard,seen,smelt.touched and tasted is your version and measured with your goodness scale- your domain of knowledge.

If with respect to the timescale, life span is finite,  you could hold a thought let that be one which is helping you to keep your State of Mind above the base line. A positive thought brought upon by a good attitude will take the same time space continuum of a negative attitude and a destructive thought.

The desire to act, think and  perceive all the postives in life depends on the ignorance of the person.

You spend a life time dispeling ignorance the root cause of all evil. What is ignorance - the perception of the non-existant or the non-perception of the existant. We talk about this perception within your brain.

When you are on the path to dispel ignorance by direct learning and meditation you will discover bliss at the end of the rainbow. The passage on the x-axis of your life span will be prosperous.

Remember the Universe is created for you when you first start perceiving on birth and cease to exist when you are no more able to perceive- cease to exist.

So in conclusion, spend the time to have thoughts consistent with good attitude towards all, have a definite life purpose to be consistent with service to humanity.

You should be always in a learning mode to dispel ignorance because you will die trying but you will get closer to achieveing bliss.

Captain WB

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