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YOU as in the Original Equipment Manufacturer's manual.

How would YOU describe yourself !

A electro-chemical based mechanical being which has direct sense perceptions by the the following sensors.
The being can hear sounds, can sense touch, can see, can taste and can smell.
These senses are collated at a central place and the information collected helps us to make necessary decisions to ensure that in the continuum of time space where on the happy state of mind spectrum you are located.

My being also has indirect sense perceptions by drawing on complex images, incidents, sounds stored in their vast memory banks in the brain.

These big reservoir of memories could be also be carried forward from a previous life and could only be accessed in the super sub conscious state which you can easily access through meditation or randomly in the dream state when sleeping.

My Mind wanders from being in Happy State of Mind, say 1, as one Extreme and likes to keep away from an Unhappy State of Mind, say 0, in the other extreme. All this information is exchanged by way of electrical signals between the various cells in the body.

Vedic Fact - In the meditative state, you can with intention, stimulate any part of your physical, electrical and chemical functionality of  body parts or organs. You will it better by triggering the auto immune system. You can use it for prevention or remission of disease.

To explain it further let us divide the body by the basic functions it carries out. We will start from the top.

Neurological Functions analyzed by the brain and perceived  by the Medulla Oblongta the first body part which is created in a human fetus. This forms the command centre where all information is collected to make decisions about continued survival. Let is call this the CENTRAL COMMAND System and locate it right in-between your EYE BROWS and 4 inches inwards.

The SECOND is the RESPIRATORY System. This is an involuntary system where Air rich in oxygen provides the necessary cleansing of the blood of CO2 and other waste products. This a complex process but simple enough to understand that  life is a string of breaths, you miss one and  will surely die.

Let us say the location is your ADAMS APPLE in your throat. The centre is also responsible for SPEECH.

The THIRD is the CIRCULATORY System. This again is an involuntary system where the Heart pumps fresh blood rich in oxygen to the various organs and extremities of the body in the first part and the reception of blood now rich in CO2 back to the heart for cleansing in the second part.

The location of this centre is the exact location of the Physical HEART on the left side but moved to the centre on the breast bone.

The FOURTH is the METABOLISM System. This includes all digestions and other means of metabolizing all ingested nutrients to strip from them all useful ingredients which will help the survival. It also expel all harmful ingredients  which would be harmful to the body.

The Stomach, liver, pancreas, gall bladder , intestines and other organs helping the digestive process are controlled by this Center. The location of this is the SOLAR PLEXUS, this is two inches on top of navel.

The FIFTH is the REPRODUCTION System. This includes the reproductive genitalia and associated  organs, it also includes the kidneys ,the prostrate, the urinary tract and the Spleen. The location, is said to be just behind the Genital Organs in the location of the Ovaries or Testes.

The SIXTH is the EXCRETION System. This includes the Colon, Rectum and part of the Intestines. Location of the centre is between the anus and the tailbone.

To Summarize:

NUMBER             SYSTEM                                               CHAKRA

FIRST                 NEUROLOGICAL  SYSTEM                  THIRD EYE

SECOND            RESPIRATORY SYSTEM                      THROAT                
THIRD                CIRCULATORY SYSTEM                     HEART                      
FOURTH            METABOLISM SYSTEM                        SOLAR PLEXUS      
FIFTH                 REPRODUCTION SYSTEM                  SACRAL (SPLEEN)  
SIXTH                 EXCRETION SYSTEM                          ROOT                        

There is one more SYSTEM above the FIRST one called the PERCEPTION (SPIRITUAL) SYSTEM.
This is located 3 inches above the crown of the head and is called the CROWN Chakra.

You can number them in any way but knowledge of their function is important.

Now if any one system fails life in the physical form will cease.  Some systems have rapid outcomes on failing  others have gradual.

It is important to note that during meditation you can by the power of intention stimulate a healthy functioning of any system. A healthy system can be desired in your prayers to the Universe.

In conclusion we have 7 major Systems signified with seven major Chakra’s.

How to use Meditation to open up all Chakra'a  to ensure a healthy body to Follow.

Captain WB

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