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What is LOVE.....

What is Love?

Are you happy with your definitions? 

There are two laws, the Law of Expansion and the Law of Contraction. Hate others, you are going through the Law of Contraction. Love all, you are going through the Law of Expansion.

Do you feel your State of Mind (SOM) vibrates more positively when you are vibrating in harmony with the emotion called love. One of the highest emotions on the Emotional Scale.

If one dwells or acts on the love emotion as a recipient or as a provider- one's state of mind soars towards the positive.

Let us also see from a different perspective.
Hate is a negative emotion  which is caused because of absence of Love.
Yes Hate is the dichotomy of Love.

How would we know what is Love if there was no Hate ? 

We can say love and hate are drawn from the same bucket of emotions - one causes aversion and the other attraction.

In the hierarchy of the love-hate emotions the best is  the Love of Self.

All other recipients of the emotion are secondary.

Your Mind is connected to your body with the two sentries, breath - inhalation and exhalation. All the emotions come specifically from the Four Primitive Fountains of Life, conscious mind and randomly from your unconscious mind, 95% of the total mind. 

Emotions then cause thoughts or actions with respect to a recipient to who it is targeted.  The perception of the receiver will be as per their domain of knowledge, their goodness scale. The feed back to the initiator will also be perceived as per their domain of knowledge, their goodness scale. So this is how the see saw goes on.  

Now what happens when you, alone, are present in the interaction above  which occurs.

It is a fact that you love yourself if you look after your Body the best possible way you can, improving your knowledge so as to dispel ignorance,  better you perceptive powers, eating right so it does not effect your health and generally improve your virtue count during this spell of conscious living.

110 years old, loving and childlike. 
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Simply put if you vibrate positively with the love emotion you will have a profound effect on your disposition and health. 

Do not dwell into the lower emotions of hatred, shame, fear, grief, condemnation, race prejudice for they take you away from self love. 

 "We can only love another; if we love ourselves first.” - Anonymous 

We can sure say that the absence of hate is tending towards love.

What does Lao Tzu say about Goodness and love…..

A truly good man is not aware of his goodness,
And is therefore good.
A foolish man tries to be good,
And is therefore not good.

A truly good man does nothing,
Yet nothing is left undone.
A foolish man is always doing,
Yet much remains to be done

When a truly kind man does something, he leaves nothing undone.
When a just man does something, he leaves a great deal to be done.
When a disciplinarian does something and no one responds,
He rolls up his sleeves in an attempt to enforce order

Therefore when Tao is lost, there is goodness.
When goodness is lost, there is kindness.
When kindness is lost, there is justice.
When justice is lost, there is ritual.
Now ritual is the husk of faith and loyalty, the beginning of confusion.
Knowledge of the future is only a flowery trapping of the Tao.
It is the beginning of folly.

Therefore the truly great man dwells on what is real  and not what is on the surface,
On the fruit and not the flower,
Therefore accept the one and reject the other.

Tao Te Ching, Chapter 38 ,

When the Tao is lost , there is goodness. So this is the goodness scale we talk about. In a Tao centred life there is no good or bad, there is no scale. It is what it is. All is perfect in Nature. When we deal with our own selves  we have to be Tao centred in how we act. We are not trying impress our own self!

"We are never deceived; we deceive ourselves”  - Johann Wolfgang Goethe 

“He who outwardly restraining the Organs of Senses and Action (Physically restrain the Senses); sits mentally dwelling on the Object of Senses, (What the Senses will perceive as an object) that man of deluded intellect is called a hypocrite” - Bhagwad Gita.

Attachment is misery, non-attchment means love.
All of our possessions and relationships are viewed as attachments.
If we view all such with love, non-attachment rather than attachments then we will not feel the misery on their loss.
All thing and relationships are transient and should be enjoyed with non-attachment and love.

When there is non-attachment involved there is absence of hate and as such surfaces unconditional love.

On a survey conducted on people of 100 years and over guess what was the most important ingredient of longevity.
Yes you guessed it it was Love. This could be love and acceptance provided by family members, intellectual companionship by friends or generally a person of disposition where hating some  one was not part of the mind set. All the participants accepted this as the most important ingredient in their longevity.—Why ?

1 years old loving 
When you are angry which you will be when hate is part of your mental disposition, The muscle tone is constricted as in a fight/flight response, which in turn causes all the blood vessel/pipes in the body to contract ever so minutely, this causes less blood to reach the extremities or organs while keeping the blood pressure constant. - Loss of Blood irrigation to cells due to contraction.(minute effect multiplied by a lot of time!)

If the heart increases blood pressure to achieve irrigation levels previously sought ; The increase of Heart beats due to contraction.

If the muscle tone is relaxed and there is no constriction - You have maximum flow to organs and extremities where the toxins are removed efficiently and fresh food for new cell is received. — Simple logic , long lasting carbon life form. 

This actually can be witnessed when inspecting a baby. The baby breaths what is required, without constriction of blood vessels/ pipes, as they are all infused with love the natural emotion. This causes efficient exchange of nutrients and toxins at the cell level. The baby have an excellent body smell due to this efficient exchange. As part of human conditioning the baby learns how to hate at some point.

The only better way to live is with Love as the dominating emotion, hopefully with non- attachment and unconditional.

It is for you to see where you are and where want to go. You decide and go forth with love always smelling nice.


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