Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Should you take the largest mortgage possible?

Be it at the home purchase stage which means making the smallest down payment possible, or refinancing and taking out the maximum amount of equity, many Canadian today believe that they should have the largest possible mortgage.

It seems that gone are the days of working to retire debt free, and to own your home out-right.  It is this exact reason that the government has restricted the rules around mortgage lending, to try to curb the attitude that our homes are ATM machines.

We tend to forget that a mortgage is essentially assigning title to the home or granting ownership of the home to a lender.  Yes, equity remaining in the home is ours and we benefit from increased value, but we do not truly own that home until it is debt free.  If we do not pay the mortgage, the lender has the ability to remove us from the home.  For people who took advantage of 100% financing, until they are in a positive equity situation, they are in truth renting that home as the money they are 'investing' is paying off debt.

In some situations maximizing the equity in your home might make sense.  With a structured investment plan in place, you can make that equity work for you.  But it is also important to remember that mortgage interest is calculated as compounded interest.  I have yet to see an investment plan that so favours the investor by paying a return that is compounded at the same rate.  That is not to say that using equity as an investment tool is not smart, it just means that we have to be careful to place our funds in the right investment.

The same applies to using equity in your home for home improvements.  A renovation can dramatically increase the value of your home, but then also consider a few things before you proceed.  Are you doing the renovations in order for the home to better function for you and your family or are you doing it simply to increase value?  What are your plans with the home - live out your days there, or sell in the next five years?  All of these questions and many others need to be taken into account before you make the decision to move forward.

If you want to renovate your home because you want to improve functionality or better enjoy the aesthetics of the home; your choices in finishes might be very different then if it is to get the home ready for sale.  For instance: I once saw a home for sale in a middle class neighbourhood which proudly advertised that the kitchen sink was a unique high end designer brand.  Out of curiosity I went online and looked it up... I was shocked to discover that the sink came with a price tag of just over $10,000.00 Canadian.  I also found a sink that looked almost identical for $900.00.

I can't speak for everyone but I just can't justify in my mind paying ten thousand dollars on a sink, as I am sure most people would agree.  The point is, renovations need to make sense and need to fit the home and the neighbourhood if it is your intention to simply increase the value.

This is where speaking to professionals comes into play and illustrates the need to have someone who is truly Looking out for your best interest.  Be it consulting with a design professional, a realtor, investment advisor or a mortgage broker - we need to make sure that our decisions make sense for our own personal situations.  It is why shopping for a mortgage by only comparing interest rate can seriously impact our financial situation in the future.

Home ownership needs to be about much more than having the biggest and best home or a mortgage with the lowest interest rate, it has to make sense and align with our lifestyle and financial goals.  We need to be smart about the decisions we make today to better prepare for our future.  It is why at CENTUM we encourage you to look beyond just getting a mortgage and getting a home ownership solution, the CENTUM Solution.

Friday, 13 March 2015

5 Ways to Energize Your Day

Straight to the Five best routines to energize you day.

1.      Gratitude Prayer      (Benefits – Triggers your auto immune system)

Wake up 15 mins before your normal wake up time. A quick trip to freshen up, drink a glass of warm water ,then find a place to sit erect with neck and spine in a straight line,  Be still, close your eyes and say a Gratitude prayer and instructions to send fresh energy on each organ and sense.
Take a deep breath where you take fresh energy and exhale through the object, the body part, of your intention – taking away the impure energy (on your exhale). 

  • For your consciousness and perception faculties
  • For your sense of Hearing- try to hear something internally
  • For your sense of Touch – imagine feeling something internally
  • For your sense of Sight – Imagine seeing a pleasant sight with your eyes closed.
  • For your sense of Taste – Imagine tasting something you like – does your mouth salivate.
  • For your sense of Smell – Imagine smelling a rose if you can
  • For your Throat energy centre and all organs associated with the- Respiratory System
  • For your strong and healthy heart – the Circulatory System
  • For your healthy Solar Plexus area , two inch above the navel, Digestive system (stomach, intestines, gall bladder, pancreas, liver)
  • For your healthy Sacral Centre  - the Reproduction Organs, Kidneys
  • For your healthy Root Centre – the system looking after all waste from the body
  • For your healthy hips,thighs, knees, shin and foot.
  • For your healthy shoulder, arms, elbow , wrist and hands.
  • Tell the Mind with intention that if you have missed any part to correct it also.
  • Say Thank You Thank you Thank you and now open your eyes
You can have as many breaths at each point, with time your entire Gratitude Prayer should take 5 to 6 min. 

You have ensured that each and every part of your body was bathed in new energy which ensure that reproduction of new cells will be healthy as per your DNA instructions. 

2.     Meditation  (Benefits – You are consciously finding the calm state of mind while awake. This is the wellbeing state of  mind)
  • Can play some pleasant instrumental or meditation music – it will help
  • Close your eyes again, while sitting erect with neck in line with the spine.
  • Make a sound while inhaling through your nose. 4 to 5 secs
  • Hold your breath for 5 secs.
  • Make a humming sound while exhaling through nose- 7 to 10 secs
  • Repeat this inhale, hold and exhale 24 times
  • Open your eyes and take a big stretch. YOU are READY for what you have to offer this DAY

You can do both #1 and #2 in continuation and allow 15 mins.  
The humming sound while inhaling and exhaling is to prevent any coherent thought being processed by you.

3.     Exercise   (Benefits – You help your auto immune system.)
  • Do any exercise which will stretch or use your muscle groups by rotation for 15 Mins daily.

    • Do gentle stretching of your neck and spine – 5 stretches.

    4.     Breakfast    (Benefits – With optimum blood               sugar levels you make better decisions.)
    • Have a healthy breakfast- Egg white, Bran/Oat cereal, Grapefruit, Tea/Coffee, Skimmed milk, High Fibre Bread – suggestion, avoid -  egg yolk , butter and bacon unless you exercise 2 hours a day.

    5.     Pre Pave your day. ( Benefits – You have a path to follow otherwise you may go in circles !)
    • Make your intention as to the flow of activities you wish to accomplish during the day. When you achieve your small milestones you feel empowered.
    You now spend the rest of the day giving your best.


    Five Horsemen

    Some truths.

     If your body is healthy the mind is healthy, your thoughts are positive, your actions are complementary, generally you are in Joyful state of mind and hopefully the people around you are also in that state. Your state of health is one of the important cogs in the wheel of wellness.

    When you are tense there is constriction of the muscles and the blood vessels thus needing the heart to pump more – increased  pulse.
    In the above case LESS oxygen enriched reaches all the organs and extremities.

    With age all organs in the body are subject to decay and malformation of cells , this is due to decreased oxygen enriched blood flow to the organs and tissues.

    When you have a fever, you have muscle constriction, thus causing vasoconstriction- the constriction of all blood carrying veins and arteries, like a garden hose stepped on - the body’s natural response to correct the condition is to increase heart rate to improve good flow to organs and extremities to bring you back to normalcy.

    If in a relaxed state of mind when also the muscle tone is relaxed, there is less constriction. Thus in this state body organs and extremities are now irrigated more efficiently   Now when you further improve vasodilation of blood vessel by induced hypercapnia, increase of CO2 in the bloodstream, you send more oxygen enriched blood to your organs and extremities. There is temporary  increase in the blood pressure during this period. Overall  this causes less degeneration  of cells and healthy generation as per DNA specifications.

    Vasodilation can be explained as ,when we inhale air which comprises of 21% Oxygen, 78.9% Nitrogen and some traces of there gases. When we exhale the composition is 16%  O2 and 5% CO2 , with the Nitrogen still at 78.9%. If we exhale slowly there is more absorption of O2 with respect to time and more production of CO2 – and when we exhale slowly twice that of the Inhalation, the CO2 in the arterial system causes the arteries to overall dilate – called Vasodilation. Example – your veins are always larger than your arteries – because the veins have blood returning back to the heart for further purification.

    When you are sick the auto immune system of the body does all this to correct the imbalance by increasing the blood flow by pumping more. This happens by default. The increased heart rate causes fever to be present.

    Now you can deliberately create this condition for improved overall good health – longevity. Your are mimicking the Auto Immune system of your body!

    So how do we deliberately create a condition in which we place our body’s complex matrix so as to enhance consumption of oxygen enriched blood by the organs and extremities within the same base of time.

    Let us explore how to get 20 – 30 more years of loving life in the most healthy manner.

    The FIRST mechanism in the method is the process of Meditation . If you do 15 mins minimum twice a day you achieve a calm state of mind, less muscle tone, less constriction,less blood pressure, more blood flow. There are many ways to achieve meditation for best results neck and spine should be in a straight line.
    Meditation by itself produces good results in overall improvement of oxygen absorption. Daily meditation improves overall health and increases longevity.

    The SECOND mechanism is the method to induce minor hypercapnia. 15 mins once a day on a empty stomach.

    This can be induced by breathing in one unit of time and breathing out in  two or more unit of time.
    You can easily induce it by holding your breath long enough till you have to breath again. Like breathing in 4 seconds and holding the breath for 16 secs. All the oxygen is absorbed by the lungs and the increased CO2 causes vasodilation. All you blood vessel, that is arteries, are more dilated.

    Did you notice that your veins, which carry CO2 enriched blood, are always bigger than your arteries. There will be a spike in blood pressure but is is offset by FIRST mechanism.
    You will observe how we are using our body’s respiratory system to affect the body’s circulatory system

    Now the THIRD Mechanism is the method is to introduce more than required oxygen into the lungs. 15 mins in conjunction with the second mechanism. Alternate 5 mins each routine x 6 rounds.

    This causes the oxygen enriched blood to flow further to organs and to the extremities due to increased transportation passage created by the SECOND mechanism.

    This is achieved by hyperventilating rapidly for a prescribed duration. This is the same action like coughing where you use use your diaphragm  to expel all the air from your lungs. – but without the noise. You should expel your air at least once every second and let the air naturally aspirate into your lungs. This way you are breathing by a different process and give your lungs, an involuntary muscle, a rest. All involuntary muscles specially heart and lungs are always in action with out rest from the first time they start functioning till they cannot. All time spent breathing in this way is added to your lifespan as a bonus.

    The FOURTH mechanism is eating whole foods. This is whole new subject by itself. Life style change required.
    Let it be said that any ingress of material into the body by way of mouth is considered a foreign body. The body processes it but the ability to efficiently do so diminishes with time. Now if you eat only whole foods,no sugars, no fats and no salt you should help you digestive system from overwhelm and work efficiently like a well oiled machine. Also you have to prescribe to the belief that the sense of taste was created primarily  to reject bad tasting food, and food is like refuelling a car – we can only put a certain grade for best operation try putting diesel in a gasoline engine.

    Question most asked is what am I going to do with the added lifespan ? For that we need a another talk . Now i would simply say that the Final mechanism could be the answer to your question.

    The FIFTH mechanism is the expending of love. New Way of life.
    In this matrix of what we call real is really imaginary. So deliberately introduce feeling which are higher on the emotional scale to achieve real time joy. Love, gratitude, appreciation are some of the emotions which are there on the top. They are illusions too but they were created by you for the people around you and collectively for the universe around you.
    It is the state of mind of joy which you should always have irrespective of the manifestations. It is not that certain manifestations are required to bring about a joyous state of mind. That is short lived.

    In conclusion

    What you have heard so far are actually the 5000 year old yogic methods used. What you should be doing now has a scientific basis to it.
    Personally I use these mechanism on a regular basis with the desired effects.

    So if you take the longevity challenge the following five horseman are to be remembered.

    FirstMeditation – To bring body and mind to a calm state with less muscle tone – should be floating.
    SecondHypercapnia – Increase co2 in blood temporally so as to create vasodilation
    Third – Hyperventilation – to increase O2 enriched blood to reach organs and extremities via the improved transportation conditions.
    Fourth – Simple whole foods – Life style change required
    Fifth – Love Love and love – If all the world had that highest emotion it would be single living entity.

    So I hope to see you all  at my next talk in 40 years from now.