Friday, 13 March 2015

5 Ways to Energize Your Day

Straight to the Five best routines to energize you day.

1.      Gratitude Prayer      (Benefits – Triggers your auto immune system)

Wake up 15 mins before your normal wake up time. A quick trip to freshen up, drink a glass of warm water ,then find a place to sit erect with neck and spine in a straight line,  Be still, close your eyes and say a Gratitude prayer and instructions to send fresh energy on each organ and sense.
Take a deep breath where you take fresh energy and exhale through the object, the body part, of your intention – taking away the impure energy (on your exhale). 

  • For your consciousness and perception faculties
  • For your sense of Hearing- try to hear something internally
  • For your sense of Touch – imagine feeling something internally
  • For your sense of Sight – Imagine seeing a pleasant sight with your eyes closed.
  • For your sense of Taste – Imagine tasting something you like – does your mouth salivate.
  • For your sense of Smell – Imagine smelling a rose if you can
  • For your Throat energy centre and all organs associated with the- Respiratory System
  • For your strong and healthy heart – the Circulatory System
  • For your healthy Solar Plexus area , two inch above the navel, Digestive system (stomach, intestines, gall bladder, pancreas, liver)
  • For your healthy Sacral Centre  - the Reproduction Organs, Kidneys
  • For your healthy Root Centre – the system looking after all waste from the body
  • For your healthy hips,thighs, knees, shin and foot.
  • For your healthy shoulder, arms, elbow , wrist and hands.
  • Tell the Mind with intention that if you have missed any part to correct it also.
  • Say Thank You Thank you Thank you and now open your eyes
You can have as many breaths at each point, with time your entire Gratitude Prayer should take 5 to 6 min. 

You have ensured that each and every part of your body was bathed in new energy which ensure that reproduction of new cells will be healthy as per your DNA instructions. 

2.     Meditation  (Benefits – You are consciously finding the calm state of mind while awake. This is the wellbeing state of  mind)
  • Can play some pleasant instrumental or meditation music – it will help
  • Close your eyes again, while sitting erect with neck in line with the spine.
  • Make a sound while inhaling through your nose. 4 to 5 secs
  • Hold your breath for 5 secs.
  • Make a humming sound while exhaling through nose- 7 to 10 secs
  • Repeat this inhale, hold and exhale 24 times
  • Open your eyes and take a big stretch. YOU are READY for what you have to offer this DAY

You can do both #1 and #2 in continuation and allow 15 mins.  
The humming sound while inhaling and exhaling is to prevent any coherent thought being processed by you.

3.     Exercise   (Benefits – You help your auto immune system.)
  • Do any exercise which will stretch or use your muscle groups by rotation for 15 Mins daily.

    • Do gentle stretching of your neck and spine – 5 stretches.

    4.     Breakfast    (Benefits – With optimum blood               sugar levels you make better decisions.)
    • Have a healthy breakfast- Egg white, Bran/Oat cereal, Grapefruit, Tea/Coffee, Skimmed milk, High Fibre Bread – suggestion, avoid -  egg yolk , butter and bacon unless you exercise 2 hours a day.

    5.     Pre Pave your day. ( Benefits – You have a path to follow otherwise you may go in circles !)
    • Make your intention as to the flow of activities you wish to accomplish during the day. When you achieve your small milestones you feel empowered.
    You now spend the rest of the day giving your best.


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