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MediCation - C replaced by T - MediTation

Meditation Meditation  Meditation - What is it ?

“Practice meditation regularly. Meditation leads to eternal bliss. Therefore meditate, meditate, meditate."     -Swami Sivananda

"There is no time for Meditation - in the time available I will medicate, medicate, medicate "  - Todays Majority Thinking

Actually the act of doing and thinking nothing - is meditation. Unlearning what you have learnt is a process of meditation. The indirect advantage of meditation are many and when done regularly are more powerful than medication.

Medication is a short time quickfix to physical or mental afflictions with the hope that the body's auto immune system will then take over. 

Meditation if done porperly and regularly will prevent those physical or mental afflictions from occuring.

Is it a religious act of some kind ?  NO.

Have you ever done meditation in your life ? 

To all those who have not done meditation ever I have news for you.
We all meditate every day whether we know it or not. This the best type of meditation says the Dalai Lama. 

At night when your body instructs you to sleep and in due course your body muscle tone is loosened, heart rate comes down, there is improved blood circulation, blood pressure is normalized , your endocrine system endeavours to stabilize, overall it resets your physical, electrical and chemical systems All this while you are in deep sleep state - unconscious state. 

What was so religious about the above fact ?

We will quantify the rest and rejuvenation one achieves by sleeping 8 hours as One Unit of wellness. This is assuming this was a sound sleep without any interruptions.

Now if you Meditate while your mind is in the  conscious state the advantages your receive during meditations is THREE times more effective than what you receive during sleep.

To put it in another way, if you could meditate, in the conscious state, for 3 hours - it is equivalent to 9 hours of sleep. You now have 6 additional hours to do any activity of choice - write a book perhaps or mediate some more !

To explain this further let me go to the very fundamentals.
There are SIX basic systems in the human mind body continuum.

The Mind System -  The Third Eye - Brain
The Nervous System - Vayana  Vayu. - Over all
The Respiratory System -Udana Vayu - Throat 
The Circulatory System - Prana  Vayu - Throat to Heart
The Digestive System - Samana Vayu -  Heart to Navel
The Elimination System - Apana Vayu - Navel to Rectum

If any one system fails the body cannot last.

Breathing rate is normally 15 breaths per minute (bpm) for a healthy person who will then live to a 100 years of age.
Now if we reduce the breathing rate to 6 bpm by consciously slowing the breathing rate - this will effect the circulatory system by reducing the number of heart beats and the consequently the blood pressure. This will have a beneficial effect on the Nervous System which in turn will provide a better ambient currents to improve the Digestive and Elimination system.
You did hear of person in stress condition (mind) does tend towards constipation

One of the fact is that the Human Body can correct it self by triggering the body’s  auto immune system. The conditions have to be right for the Auto Immune System to be effective.

What are those conditions ?

  • Stillness of body. (When sleeping you can achieve it and when in a meditative pose) 
  • A quite place where one can mediate or sleep.
  • A calm state of mind. (When sleeping you can achieve it but you are in deep sleep - unconscious. In meditative state you can achieve the calm state while in the conscious state).
  • To increase blood flow to extremities and organs.

To illustrate let us visit a newly born baby and somebody in their thirties.
The baby smells good if the pamper effect is not taken into account. The baby has all their SIX systems working efficiently and in balance. One important factor in the system is removal of toxins from cells which are dead and to bring fresh nutrients to new cells. 

In the baby this system is working most efficiently as compared to an older person who has picked up bad habits during their lifetime. If the baby is not bathed she/he still smells fresh - the older body will start smelling because of non removal of toxins. On the other extreme when flesh rots the smell is awe full.

Fact- If blood circulation is increased to organs and extremities we can have excellent toxins removal and nutrient delivery to cells of those regions.

How do we increase Blood Circulation ?
You can only use your body and their systems, no chemical or physical aids are allowed to increase blood circulation.
Lets us follow a package of air ( one Breath) which was breathed in and what difference did it make.

You took in AIR which is : NORMAL

You took in AIR which is possible during  MEDITATION

So we agree if we reduce breath per minute and breath deeply and diaphragmatically so we can increase the oxygen absorption. 

So that package of air went to the alveoli and a gas exchange takes place from the CO2 rich blood coming back to the heart. Freshly oxygenated blood  is diverted by the heart into the circulatory system.

The CO2 absorbed from the blood in the alveoli  is exhaled by the lung. So that package of air was processed so as to move fresh blood forward by a few inches. 

At this point let us say we can achieve this increased absorption of O2 and increased expulsion of toxins when meditation is achieved.  We will do a practicum to prove this.

As an analogy lets us say a human has a heart which is connected to a long pipe. The blood in the pipe irrigates a body organ and comes back to the heart. The long pipe is coiled like a garden hose in the body. So merely the process of blood circulation continues as usual.

Now when one wakes up they immediately start thinking of the day to day affairs  and also the reasons which cause stress. Due to this flight response due to stress the muscle tone of the entire body implodes. This causes a constriction in the long pipe. This causes the heart to pump harder. This stress is like a person standing on top of the coiled garden hose. Generally  STRESS is defeating the forces of longevity.

Now in this state if we achieve meditation it is very productive. For a start we request the person standing on your chest to get off. This softens the muscle tone of the body  and  automatically improving blood flow to the organs and extremities and is in cooperation with the forces of longevity.

Meditation alone  improves the blood flow considerably. Now additionally by just modulating your breath easily you can further increase blood flow by additional 30%. 

Now this is specific exercises of Yoga called Pranayama which can achieve this. Presently let us learn how to achieve meditation before we learn Pranayama. 

Learn to walk before we run !

Lets go for a leisurely walk.

Love and Light


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