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Everything is energy. Everything! Including us!
It is good to remember this as our tendency is to focus so much on the solid, palpable things that we forget that there is much more than that.

We are Source Energy in a physical body! We are not just this physical body, but also energy, spirit (however you want to call it). I love the comparison with the electricity that passes through the walls of my house up to my toast. I do not see the electricity inside it but it is there working perfectly together for to get my toast.

Energy Centers
All energy vibrates and all these vibrational waves carry a bit of information about us. Our thoughts determine emotions within us that are our indicators of the vibrational content of our Being and the signal that we transmit as electromagnetic vibrating info energy waves.

People didn`t have this understanding form the beginnings but they observed the relationship between the way they were feeling and their experience. (You know those moments when something bad happens to you and then it gets worse and worse until you can find some relief and begin to feel better and so your physical experience begins to improve.) The feeling precedes the experience!

On one hand, there were people with positive, healthy beliefs about life in general, therefore experiencing good life, on the other hand, there were people with negative beliefs and therefore experiencing a hard life, none on them being aware of why they were experiencing what they were experiencing, but just accepting it or feeling a victim. We now know that we can become aware of the feeling of your emotions, therefore we get to know what is our vibrational offering.

They decided to take advantage of it and practice the alignement of their thoughts and beliefs therefore they could reach a level of good feeling (joy, love, freedom, appreciation) on purpose for to attract and experience good things in their lives. It worked!

They saw the connection between thoughts, emotions and physical experience. They observed how their experience changed according to their thoughts and believes and they knew there was no exception to this.

That was something universal, a universal law. They realized that was similar to the Law of Gravity. The ball that you throw up in the air comes back to you; the emotion that represents the signal you send out in the universe comes back to you as a physical experience. So, they gave it a name: The Law of Attraction.

How could I find out about this law just now? Shouldn`d this have been one of my first lessons about life? Where have I been living until now that I have not heard anything about it!?” these were my questions a few years ago when I first found out about this universal law.

I specialized as Law of Attraction Couch as I experienced on my own skin how challenging it can be to literally take the responsibility of being the creator of my life and not a victim of circumstances. How empowering that can be!

Don`t get me wrong! You do not have to be a Law of Attraction coach or even know about it for to live a great live, but if you don`t live the life you want, if you struggle then it should be your tool. I don`t say it from books, but from my own experience!

All is energy…
Brandon Buchard said: “Life itself is energy, so if you have no energy, what does that say about your life?”
Please, ask yourself right now: “What is my energy level?” Become aware of that (on a scale of 1 to 10) and see if that energy level satisfies  you or if you feel like rather taking action and increase it. (you could do that several times a day!)

Feel and experience!

July 18th 2014

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