Monday, 21 July 2014


If our thoughts create our experience, then what does that say about a person that is not aware of where he/she is beating the drums?

Each thought moves us closer to or farther from our desired outcome! It just takes our attention to the way we FEEL (feel our feelings!) so that we can guide ourselves steadily toward our own goals. It is amazing how our built-in emotional guidance system helps us travel the distance from where we are to where we want to be, exactely as a GPS!

It is really important to get clear about which is our goal, which are the steps that must be taken for to achieve it and where we are in relationship with the ultimate outcome. This represents a „bring you back on track” when we are distracted by those that may interfere and ask us to act in a different way for to positively affect their experience and so get lost and go off track.

Which Direction to go.
Sexy action steps and of course sexy goal! This is what got me personally to another level on my journey to my goals. If our goal does not feel attractive to us, then how much willingness, perseverance would we have during our journey? Let`s be sincere, with the first blow of wind, we would even forget that there was something that made us dare for more! So, make it sexy, attractive to you, try to see the benefits in each and every step and connect to that good feeling. This will be fuel for us!

Ancient Wisdom
On a piece of paper, write down your goal and on a scale 1-10 determine what you have to do to get there, what you are willing to do. Decide what actions would take you to the next level. If for example you are on the fouth level on your scale, decide what actions would take you to a five, then to a six, to a seven, to an eight, to a nine and finally to your goal. I experienced the benefits of doing this, so make all of it feel sexy to you!

Feel and experience!

Adelina Maria Micu

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